Women cleaning carpet washing stepping

How do you wash a carpet, actually— how do we step

Soap soap soap wet wash wet flesh skin scrape

Surface surface hard not soft surface flesh rub rub

Rub the right way careful now on corners

Bugs have gotten in


Bugs have been eating

We have been eating

Self same say say spit it out loud

Same way I have been made bugs have been eating it out

Eating themselves same

Consu- setting in down on that tongue slipping in sipping setting settling self same say

Tossing to the teeth tap tap tact tat tatt taaa


Harder to set between the teeth than we had seemed

More to work with here

As we clean wash shake step break brush brush borrowed brush step step scrub crush

My feet start to feel raw, and then we settle into it again

We are the same red orange yell- brown tones we move in comfort beside one another

We start to move the same way

We take up that same space— same or just space

We take up the same way

Careful— wholly, full

Encouraging each other to eat

Take many bites, swallow

Let yourself feel full as you feed me

Kill me while you clean, I come back and eat

My dust runs off same as sand and dirt and years collected

Carpeted floors in carpeted rooms carpet collects

My knees spit it out

My body takes the dust out of you

Most of us take the bait

Touch allah to your tongue and spare them

Hide it

Turn them back against the skin

But then that heaviness when they can see, always